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Our method is fast, inexpensive, long-lasting and easy to keep clean!

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I hired him for his artistic talent, to complete a mural for me, plus numerous other additional projects. A true perfectionist!! He has a sense of pride in his work. So very much wants to please! Nick is competent with his expertise.

A. Shapiro of Shapiro Fine Apartments

Nick showed up on time; did a fantastic job on the bedroom; did not take long breaks; and cleaned up when he finished. We will be bringing him back to paint the dining room.

Crystal H.

Nick is a one man show. He is punctual and returns calls in a timely manner. He came in and we discussed my pink bathtub. He explained to me the process, how he does the work, what he uses, why he uses it, etc. He knew to clean the grout and explained the ratio of the product he uses and some other technical things. I left for work in the morning and he was done by lunchtime. I was surprised at how clean the bathroom was when I came home. My bathtub is beautifully white now.

I did have to ask him to come back because the outside bottom of the tub began to scrape away but it was only due to some leftover clear caulking and was quickly fixed.

Ellen G.

Overall, Nick did an exceptional job resurfacing my bathtub. He showed up and completed the job on time. He fully explained everything he was doing and answered all my questions throughout the job. His fees were very reasonable, lower or at a minimum equal to other estimates I received. There were no hidden costs; he performed the job to the penny as agreed on. Seeing that I had a nine month old in the house he even threw in, at cost, a quicker setting finish product which produced less fumes. Everything was properly taped with no overspray on any other surfaces within the bathroom. Bottom line, the tub came out great.

Max C.